Whitepaper-Why Bivastra

In the Crypto currency Market, the token providers think that the real-world money is equal to a simple coding and once they give the coding to the investors then they don’t care about the investors. They change their tokens from V1 to V2 (Pancakeswap) and instruct the investors to lean and collect new tokens by themselves while they have the token holders address records, they can send the new tokens by themselves to the investors but they don’t because it is investors headache to save their money?!!

Some others change the token contrast and make new tokens with new counts. When they supply new tokens to their existing investors, they simply give tokens which do not match the previous investment value?!

Some other fundraisers sold the tokens at an unreasonably high price and later huge price drops happened because of overprice. But the token providers didn’t care about the early investors.

In General, the crypto fundraising companies want to loot investors’ money as much as possible and they are satisfied because they gave a simple coding and they think the rest is not their problem.

The next question is what is the use of meme coins?! When somebody invests in that coin, how is he going to earn or regain his money?! By finding another innocent and selling his useless stock to him and earning or getting back his money?

Most of the fund-raising crypto projects are targeted to develop Meme coins because they don’t have solid projects. They don’t have experience showing a valuable project to the investors.

Other projects talk about fictitious Virtual Projects like to develop an Exchange, file sharing and storing, new block chain, Dex platform, and wallet etc., All are the same kind of imagination projects. Those are not going to produce anything. Possibly the investors will lose their funds because of the imitated fictitious projects.

By keeping all these issues in mind BiVastra developed a strong, practical and passive income generating project and BiVastra has other interesting projects too to satisfy crypto lovers.

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