Virtual Project

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I. Custom Fit Textile Design Website

Creating a user-friendly garment and textile designing website that offers customization options and competitive pricing is a great vision. Here are some considerations for achieving this goal:

  1. User interface and experience: The website should be easy to navigate and use, with a clear and intuitive user interface. Customers should be able to easily select their preferred size, color, print, and embroidery options, and view their selections in real-time.
  2. Customization options: The website should offer a wide range of customization options to ensure customers can create their desired look. This can include different fabric options, embroidery designs, and printing techniques.
  3. Pricing: Pricing should be competitive and transparent, with clear information about any additional costs for customizations.
  4. Direct shipping: The website should offer direct shipping from the factories to the customer’s doorstep through reliable courier services. This can help ensure timely delivery and a positive customer experience.
  5. Virtual meetings: Virtual meetings can be a valuable tool for ensuring desired custom fit with customers. By leveraging technology to facilitate better communication, feedback, and personalized recommendations, you can create a more positive customer experience and build stronger relationships with your customers.
  6. Payment options: The website should offer a range of payment options, including digital shares and fiat currencies, to ensure customers can purchase products in a way that suits their needs.

By considering these factors, you can create a user-friendly garment and textile designing website that offers customization options and competitive pricing, and provides a positive customer experience.

II. Crypto Mining

A large-scale Crypto Currency Mining operation will be powered by renewable energy sources in India. Some of the popular coins including bitcoin are planned to mine.

Mining Image
Cryptocurrency Mining

For Example

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Kadena
  3. ECOS
  4. Vertcoin
  5. Grin
  6. Monero
  7. Haven Protocol
  8. Ethereum Classic
  9. LiteCoin
  10. Ethereum
  11. MonaCoin
  12. BitCoin Gold
  13. Aeternity

The mining is going to be centralized to reduce expenses. It will increase the investor’s profit.

III. Online Rummy Club
Palying Cards
Crypto stocks enabled Real time Games

A Blockchain tokens enabled Genuine Multinational Online Rummy Club gaming portal that offers multiple Variants of online responsible rummy games.

The coding is going to be certified by a legitimate organization to prove the program is a Fair play modular.

Any fiat currency and popular Crypto currency is accepted and can convert as #BITA token to play.

Users can create their own club with their family and friends inside the portal. They can play by themselves and if needed can add others too.

50 percent of the table fee earnings will be burned time to time to congest the token supply in the market. Which will increase the #BITA token’s steady growth.