• Bitra Tokens are not a MEME OR JOKE Crypto currency

Design your Fabric, Style, Size, Color, Print and Embroidery on our website and place an order to receive custom jerseys delivered to your doorstep at a competitive price.

Our experienced team creates personalized garments made to fit each individual.

For foreign nationals, we group their orders with those of other customers, pack them in boxes, and send them by air courier to our respective holding and delivery points. The boxes are then unpacked, and each individual’s packages are separated and couriered to them. This process reduces transportation costs and enables us to offer competitive prices to our customers.

develop and Print designs on your garment
Cryptographically encrypted

Transactions are encrypted Crypto Graphically

The World’s First Digital Shares for Textile Hub

A Pioneer in the Blockchain Industry for Global Textile, Cryptocurrency Mining through Renewable energy, Realtime Rummy Club and more

Backed by real world income generating Assets

Security, Utility; Digital Asset on Binance Smart Chain (BSC, BEP20)

This is not a MEME or JOKE Cryptocurrency

The world’s first self-sustaining and funding project for Custom-fit Garments and Textiles. This innovative project features cryptographically encrypted digital shares

It generates funds from blockchain to establish a textile factory

STPI and STEPINEXT, which are Indian government entities, serve as our incubators.

We ensure project growth with the assistance of industrial leaders from STPI and STEPINEXT.
Apiary, an Indian government entity, will be supported by providing industrial experts in blockchain technology. Using its expertise in various fields, Apiary is going to guide and assist in the design, development, and documentation, leading to a more effective Bivastra. Apiary's industry contacts, tools, and technologies can be leveraged to enhance Bivastra's outcomes. In general, Apiary's advisory board will guide and support the Bivastra project.

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