Core Idea

Bivastra Inc. is a registered Indian venture capital firm specializing in custom-fit textile and garment manufacturing. It is world’s first self sustaining and funding project.

Design and Choose Your Garment's Color, Print and/or Embroidery Online with our Experts and get it by courier
Design your garment with our expert; Choose Color, Print and/or Embroidery Online and get it by courier

Our vision is to create a user-friendly website for designing garments and textiles, where visitors can choose their size, color, print, and embroidery options and order at a competitive price. Products are shipped directly to buyers/users from our factories through courier services.

Our target markets include the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe, with a focus on schools, colleges, clubs, and sports groups for custom jerseys.

To achieve our goals, we have planned to produce garments in India, Ethiopia, and Ghana, with a focus on duty-free exports.

Finance model

A pioneer in the Block chain market for Global Textile Industry, Bivastra offers Crypto Currency Security, Utility Tokens named #BITRA.

To know the investment returns please visit #BITA Benefits Page.

I. A large-scale Mining operation will be powered by renewable energy sources in India. Some of the popular coins including bitcoin are planned to mine.

For Example:-

  • Bitcoin
  • Kadena
  • ECOS
  • Vertcoin
  • Grin
  • Monero
  • Haven Protocol
  • Ethereum Classic
  • LiteCoin
  • Ethereum
  • MonaCoin
  • BitCoin Gold
  • Aeternity

The mining is going to be centralized to reduce expenses. It will increase the investor’s profit margin.

II. A Blockchain enabled Genuine Multinational Online Rummy Club platform that offers multiple Variants of online games.

The coding is going to be certified by a legitimate organization to prove the program is a Fair play modular. Any fiat currency and popular Crypto currency is accepted and can convert as #BITA token to play.

Users can create their own club with their family and friends inside the portal. They can play by themselves and if needed can add others too.