Whitepaper-About Bivastra

Real World Income Generating Digital Asset; Crypto Stocks

BIVASTRA Inc. is an Indian registered corporate legal norms bonded company. The company’s official website is https://bivastra.com/ BiVastra’s all certificates are available on the official website https://bivastra.com/certificates.

Every penny will be accounted for and transactions through the official bank account some time transaction may happen through Crypto which is also auditable by the Government of India. Companies’ crypto transfers will be collected by using an app (https://www.cointracker.io) and submitted to the government for audit. It makes it transparent. It will give power to the investors. Until May-2022 the returns are filed. (This document was drafted on 08-06-2022)

BiVasatra is legally authorized to raise funds from Investors for its projects. Project outline filed with bank and government of India.

The company Presently has Two Directors but as per the legal terms it is going to be a public sector company soon. The investor can be a director with full rights. You can find the details on #Bita Benefits – BiVastra Incorporate page.

After the token launch in Exchanges, we will upgrade BiVastra to a public sector.