Whitepaper-What Makes Unique

bitra token

Bivastra is proud to introduce our Design Studio web application, where users have the freedom to design custom-fit garments according to their personal preferences. With a wide range of styles, colors, fabrics, prints, and embroidery options available, users can easily create their dream garment and place an order with our state-of-the-art textile factory.

Once the order is placed, our team of technical experts carefully reviews and approves the design, and the sewing process commences. Users can conveniently track the progress of their order and receive their garments via courier delivery.

At Bivastra, we understand the importance of offering our users complete control over their clothing. That’s why we offer an investment option, where users can make an advance payment towards their project, and receive interest on a weekly basis until their garments are delivered.

With Bivastra’s Design Studio, users have the power to create bespoke garments that reflect their unique style and personality. Join the revolution of personalized fashion and experience the freedom of designing your own custom-fit garments today.

#BITRA is not a Meme Coin, Shit Coin or fictitious Virtual Project token; It is a practical, credible, genuine and revenue generating real world project. The company will manufacture garments in East Africa and export them to the USA, Europe and the rest of the world, creating jobs and generating revenue.

BiVastra Inc. will take care of its investors, a lot of things are planned and it’s going to be executed at the end of 2022 in Favour to investors.

Periodical burning, incentive from shares, voting power, are the important futures. 50 percent of the income is going to be burned together with periodical burning. Prime investors will get shares in the company.