1. Pancake Swap

We are planning, learning Pancakeswap further to allot APY to the liquidity providers. Details will be shared through our social channels.

2. Direct Purchase with Discount

You can buy it at a discount on our Official Wallet by sending BNB or BUSD. It is a profitable method for investors since it bypasses brokerage applications.

BIVastra’s Official Wallet address is 0xfbd859783fDb278Ae54bDBd947Cd1112e843F57F

Tokens will be available to purchase at 250 addresses during phase-11 of the seed investment at a price of $0.0004167 per token, the minimum purchase is $20 and they receive 48,000 BITRA. The maximum purchase amount is unlimited, but the slab system applies. The slab system can be found on the Tokenomic page.

As it is a manual process and handled by only one person there may be delayed in transfer. But the system is effective and safe.

3. Wallet Connect

There is a Moralis Wallet connect gateway on BiVastra’s buy page Buy – BiVastra Incorporate. Connect your wallet and buy it from pancakeswap

4. PayPal.me/bivastra

By using Fiat currency, you can buy it through PayPal. After fund transfer, the Investor must contact BiVastra with the details of the transfer by mail. In addition, they must inform their BSC chain’s wallet address to receive #BITRA tokens. BiVastra will transfer the #BITRA asset to the investor’s wallet after receiving the fund in their official bank account. As it is a manual process, please bear the time delay but it will be profitable to the investors.

We are negotiating with Different Exchanges to list BITRA assets.

To know further about the listing on the Exchanges please watch BiVastra’s social media platforms.