Bivastra Textile Hub
Vertically Integrated Garments and textiles manufacturing plant (993.6 Billion Market Size)

We have a detailed Sewing Factory plan and Total Project Estimation attached to our website. Please follow the link BiVastra Sewing Factory Assessment – BiVastra Sewing Factory Project to know the sewing factory assessment file and follow Total Project Estimation – BiVastra Incorporate to know the total project estimation. Please find in the website about What are machines, How many and how much BiVastra is going buy, how to run what is the expenses, how many youngsters may get job, how much profit possible to achieve etc.,

Textile goods manufactured in East Africa are subject to duty free privileges under AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act).

This act is encouraging the buyers to buy textile goods from East Africa and it will support BiVastra’s textile business. To know further about the AGOA act please follow this link Government (USA) – Agoa.info – African Growth and Opportunity Act.

As BiVastra is involved in the Manufacturing business, #BITRA falls under the Security Token category.

Please follow the link to know Global Textile and Clothing Market Strength Global Textile Market Size & Share Report, 2022-2030 (grandviewresearch.com)