Online responsible Rummy Club ($1.4 Billion Market strength)

In our Rummy club the user cannot possibly spend a million dollars in one day or month or year. Because there is a sealing limit on how much a person can spend on a day, week and month. After that he can’t play some of the payable games, he will be directed to free play game mode automatically. The usable currency will be #BITRA and so it is a Utility Token on rummy club. A user can keep cryptos and any fiat currency in his rummy club wallet, and can transfer to his bank or other wallet at any moment.

Rummy is legally allowed and it is a sport. Many rummy portals cheat their players by using bots. We are not going to do that. Our game is strictly genuine. Our coding is going to be certified by 3rd party inspection agencies which will assure the transparency of the game.

Players can add their family and friends to the game and they can play with them free or with tokens all the time.

In order to understand the online market strength please follow the Times now news link Online rummy growth in India | Indian online rummy gaming market estimated to reach $1.4 billion by 2024: PMI CEO Anton Rublievskyi | Sports News (timesnownews.com)