Periodical Burning – 2 – June

Periodical Burning – 2; June

In accordance with the plan, 488,684,793 #BITRA tokens were burned today

BITRA tokens are now available for Seed investment / ICO. 249 handles are eligible to invest. Bivastra’s official wallet address is 0xfbd859783fDb278Ae54bDBd947Cd1112e843F57F

BNB or BUSD can be transferred to Bivastra’s Official Wallet to receive #BITRA

$ 0.0004167 is the seeding price.  The minimum purchase is $20 and they receive 48,000 BITRA. It is possible to purchase as much as you want. Slabs will be applied to investments of greater amounts.  Visit #BITRA’s benefits page for more information.